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available only on PC and laptops
How it works? Video instruction.
Instruction MAC OS
Instruction Windows
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How to watch videos?
Here is tutorial how to install the player. There is a three easy steps, that you have to do once and later videos will running automatically.
About player
We using this player because you can't run the video and screen capture at the same time. Its just a product protection from illegal copying. Otherwise its just usual player for watching the videos.
Screen capture MacOS
On some of the MacOS systems player asking for permission to record the screen. This is just technical feature of MacOS system. In MacOS player want to see soft that could make a screen capture and he need permission to this part of system to protect the course from illegal copying.

Player technically can't record the screen itself. You don't have to worry about!
Server issues
Not often, but you could see the window that says «servers are unavailable» It happens when server is need to update. But it takes not more than few hours and it will be done automatically.
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