Below you will find the most frequent questions and answers, as well as solutions:
I bought the course, but the email is empty, what should I do?
1. Before completing the form, make sure that the payment was successful and the money from your card/wallet has been debited. (In rare cases it takes a few hours).

2. If the payment was successful and the money is transferred - make sure the access email didn't end up in spam or other folders in the mail. If you paid via PayPal - check the mail it is connected to, sometimes the email can be sent to that mail.

3. If there is no receipt for payment and email with access - most likely the wrong email. To help us find your order please fill in the form below and write "0" in the order number.

In other cases, please also fill out the form below.
Recover password / change password
If for some reason your password doesn't work - no problem! First, make sure that you enter your password correctly and that there is no space at the end. If that doesn't help - fill out the form below and we will generate a new password for you.
The video player doesn't work, what should I do?
Sometimes we update content, links and do technical works, it doesn't take more than a few hours. Also please check your internet connection. If the lessons are still not opening after some time, fill in the form below and tell us about the problem.

In the form below, tell us which chapter, lesson, or course is not working.
I can't download the practice sheets, the link is unavailable
If you can't download the practice sheets within three days of purchase, or if you lost your email with a link, fill out the form below.
The practice sheets do not open / do not print
This can happen for several reasons:

1. You are opening in wrong folder (there are folders for windows and macOS - choose the folder you need for your system).

2. Try to open the files with any browser (safari, chrome, etc) if the file opens, then the problem is in the image viewer on your device;

3. If none of the above has helped - perhaps the archive was downloaded with errors, try download the archive again, or fill out the form below and we will send you a new download link.
Where do I buy the tools I need?
In the materials of each course (on the viewing page) you will find a complete list of tools (PDF guide), with links to online stores. You can also find any of them on Amazon or on any other marketplace, also you could look for tools at (art/hobby/graffiti) stores in your city.
Can't find an answer?
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