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Write gothic calligraphy letters
Create your own works, even on canvases
Composition basics, styling rules & tips
Learn from scratch:
Subtitles: English, Deutsch
Audio: English
4380+ students from 41 countries
Watch this one-minute video where I tell you what you'll learn on the course!
You will learn how to:
Your creative process
  • Write the alphabet
  • Create your own artwork
  • Make calligraphy on canvas
This is calligraphy course with flat pen. It is a creative process and a way to relax and digress out of daily routine.
Created by a professional calligrapher
You don't need a lot of time
No drawing skills are needed
A simple process
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Our student's works
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What are they saying
about Start gothic?
1 Lowercase
We will learn how to write each letter. We also start writing some simple words.
2 Capitals
We will learn how to write each letter. We will try two different styles - Textura & Fraktur.
We will learn how to work with different styles. You will learn how to change proportions and how to connect letters inside the words.
3 Decorative elements
Course Chapters
Here is a quick course preview. This is what we are going to learn!
4 Composition
We will learn the basics of composition. At this point, you will be ready to create completed works.
5 Circles & Patterns
We will learn how to make calligraphy circles and also how to place calligraphy inside different shapes.
Full equipment review. Brushes, markers, and paints. We will do all the steps to create an artwork on canvas.
6 Canvas
Second part of gothic course
For those who already know the basics and want to improve their skills:
letterforms & your own style
advanced composition techniques
decorative elements
We want to show you a few different parts. You can see how the artist teaches and experience a high-quality way of learning.
Watch the sample:
We have included all the practice sheets with additional exercises and explanations to increase your skills and become proficient in gothic letters!
Special PDF materials for your practice!
Those exercises will help you
to improve your skills.
Below you will see all the tutorials and tips description.
Course content:
In addition to the basic practice sheets, we made an extended version. And yes, there are a lot of them, and they are very different.
Extended set of printable practice sheets
Practice sheets
Words & Compositions
Lowercase options
Gothic video course
40+ video lessons
Set of practice sheets (source files for printing)
Special exercises to improve your practice skills
Gothic video course + practice sheets (pdf)
40+ video lessons
Set of practice sheets (source files for printing)
Special exercises to improve your practice skills
Extended set of printable practice sheets
60% off till 26.03.2022
60% off till 26.03.2022
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60% off till 26.03.2022
Included: tools & books guides,
practice sheets and exercises
Full Gothic 2 course
Full Gothic course
Gothic 1 + Gothic 2
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Taxes are included
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160+ words with different levels of difficulty
340+ letters options
40+ Additional practice sheets, ready to print
Extended set of printable practice sheets
We will help you!
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