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Express yourself Unleash.
Modern Gothic Calligraphy Course
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Who is this course for?
Want to Create Can't Create
Can't draw? No need to. Handwriting isn't needed either. But you'll become a great calligrapher. That's the catch!
Never Have Time. Boring
Whoosh, and it's gone. Again and again. It's always "not for me," "doesn't grab me." Sounds familiar? This course is a great anchor for those moments. Gothic calligraphy draws you in and captivates for years. It's proven.
Leave a Mark Show Yourself
People who can do something unique always attract and amaze others. Gothic calligraphy is a great way to stand out and show what you've got.
Artist in Pursuit
Let another passion into your creative world. It's suitable for those seeking and craving creativity. It won't leave you indifferent.
Decorating elements and objects
Space design
Walls, houses, studios. Anything goes!
Any bold ideas
Unleash Your Full Potential
P.S. All photos are the work of our students
Carefully. Step by Step
We'll Guide You
Only What You Need
We'll walk you through all the stages from scratch. Confidently, reinforcing the results.
No chit-chat, no complications. Paper. Pen. Let's go!
Progress Seen Instantly
Only 30 minutes of practice a day can yield visible improvements.
Cut the Clutter. Made it User-Friendly
Learning Stages
We've broken down the learning process into clear stages and explained the purpose of each one.
Why: To write Gothic letters, you need to understand their structure. By mastering the basic strokes and individual letter elements, you'll easily be able to write any of them.
Why: Basic strokes are the foundation of Gothic lettering. Through hands-on practice, you'll understand how to hold your hand and execute simple movements.
We'll dissect the construction of each letter
Why: The elements of uppercase letters are more expressive and interesting. By studying uppercase, you'll be able to decorate letters and embellish your work.
Master the basic strokes and movements
Master the characteristics of uppercase letters
Why: The course instructor will share their thought process from sketch to decorative strokes. You'll get hands-on experience understanding how Gothic calligraphy pieces are created.
Why: You'll learn to harmoniously assemble Gothic letters into inscriptions, circular compositions, and geometric shapes.
Why: Creating a canvas has its own characteristics. You'll master the skills of working with an artistic background, the appropriate tools, and writing technique.
Bring all your knowledge together in a final piece
We'll assemble letters into words and shapes
Create calligraphy on canvas
01. Writing Basics
02. Lowercase Letters
03. Uppercase & Style
04. Composition
05. Final Work
06. Artwork
We draw
write with a nib.
No Need to Be an Artist
Calligraphy doesn't require natural talent or an arts education.
An Unusual Tool
Pilot Parallel Pen 6mm
Gothic script is written with a flat nib. We recommend Pilot — a comfortable pen-nib that is enjoyable to write with, without getting elbow-deep in ink.

This pen has a unique feel and uses a specific technique. It's often found easier and more enjoyable than a regular ballpoint.
If your handwriting isn't good, don't worry. A different tool means different writing rules.
We explain the nuances of the writing process right away. We reinforce with practice. You can start writing even while watching.
We provide special practice sheets to hone your writing technique. In the end, you'll write smoothly and evenly.
To reinforce, we give exercises covering all the main points.
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60% off till 16.07.2024
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I've been professionally into calligraphy for 11 years, working with big brands, celebrities, and businesses on design and art projects.
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